Homie hopper

I have been working on this piece for weeks now and I don't really know what I want to do with it. I just like the face I've drawn. I think it goes well with the rose. I tried some stuff with it today and I like how it turned out but I still want to experiment with it.

It's fun to draw hearts.

I'll probably get rid of the branches.

It says "Rapist"

Working on my script. It's not easy, and having awful handwriting doesn't help.


I want your skulls

Before I started my apprenticeship, when Ed was just trying to help me with my artwork and grooming me to going to another shop, he showed me Uncle Allan's artwork. I thought all the stuff on his website was incredible, I really liked it. Looking at his blog though recently, his artwork has gotten soooo much better, it's ridiculous, he really knows what he's doing.
When it came time for me to start learning line work Troy and I just took turns tattooing Uncle A flash on each other. So one of my early pieces was one of his skull and crossbones. I just shaded and colored it the other day, this is the result:

The only thing I really don't like about it is the red cross bone in front of the skull, it looks like a clown nose. Also some of the dark green coloring in the temple area isn't smooth at all. Other than that I'm pretty happy about it. I was very happy with the color burst behind it.


Heart Attack

The first tattoo I ever did was a heart about the size of a half dollar that Ed drew. It was only line work and it wasn't very good. Tattooing was extremely confusing. I didn't realize there was so much to think about while doing a tattoo, how you pretty much have to use your whole body, and all the other stuff you have to think about. It's still one of my favorites though, just because I like to think about how horrifying it was to do. (Sorry about the shitty quality, I have to use my phone for pictures because I don't have a real camera yet)

If anyone has a heart that looks like that they must be very unhealthy. You can also see the bottom of Ed's totally cool salt girl tattoo.

I eventually did the same heart on Troy's leg. I think it was my like, 3rd line work piece and maybe my second or third shading/colored piece. I took a picture of it the other day when I was finishing up the Uncle A skull I did on Troy right next to it. (Again, sorry about the quality.)

That one looks a little healthier, the green color burst behind it needs to be fixed though, it just stops on the sides. I went a little too heavy on the black shading too i think.

This is a painting I did in a day, I was really proud of it when I did it. I remember starting the drawing at like 8 at night or something and then leaving the shop at 10, painting it at home and going to Walgreen's to buy a frame and hang it up at the shop at 3 in the morning. I still really like it, but now there are definitely some changes I would make to it.

I also learned to never use the color blue under any circumstances.

Later on down the road Big Adam came into the shop and let me practice on him. He decided he wanted the heart and I was stoked to do it. I think it took two sessions because I wasn't allowed to shade yet when I first did it. I never took a picture of just the line work though.

The staff infection or ingrown hair or whatever is above the tattoo is not my fault. His tattoo was well healed by the time he got that shit from another shop.

I don't know why I left out the red color burst on the right side of the banner. I think it might have something to do with my bad experience doing the green one on the heart on Troy's leg. Either way I would like to go back and add it later. I realize now when looking back that the veins and the aorta look like macaroni. Dang!


Browsing through a book of 1419 copyright-free illustrations of animals I found a really cool woodcut of a falcon wearing a hunting hood. I thought it looked really cool so I decided that I am going to paint one and finish it by the end of the week. If I don't set goals for myself I never finish anything. Anyway, here's a rough sketch:

And here's the start of a mock-up for the painting:

I'm definitely going to re-do his chest and tail, and I'm going to take the top of his hood in another direction. I also want to make the branch look less phallic.



I now own a rifle full of vodka. If someone can also get me a pistol full of tequila that would be great.



I did not draw this, Adam did. It's a great design though, so he allowed me to tattoo it on his calf, it was a lot of fun to do. Shading it was a pain in the dick though, I had to re-build an old Mickey Sharps shader that Ed gave to me and I wasn't really sure how to use it. A few weeks later I went back over the blacks with the shader Bob made for me. I think it looks a lot better now.


Dave bought a frame from Aaron Brothers that has 12 spots for 5 x 7 paintings in it, so him, Marc, and I are going to each do 4 paintings of animals. This is my first for the project, an elephant. I actually did a sketch of this a while ago, when I was first starting my apprenticeship. I dug it out the other day and gave it a darker feel after looking at some Derek Noble artwork. Originally it was much more friendly looking.